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My Code as a Pillar

By: Geeb
On: December 14, 2010

Selected Installation for Test Pattern, Sound Check an Arts Technology exhibition in the University Galleries in Normal, IL.

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And at the University Galleries home page HERE…

This is installation consists of corrugated tubing, PVC pipe, 4 computers and 4 monitors. The project contains around 800′ of black tubing and wire. Four monitors display hacked .jpeg images with implanted code from my own novel. Each chapter of the novel makes one image. All are displayed in a loop, each monitor displaying either the image or various versions of the code.

The piece discusses the “creative fluidity” of code art, the forms it can take, and also, the importance of code outside the world of artists. Code can be computer code, spoken language, non-spoken language, DNA, our daily routines, step-by-step processes… Essentialy one bit of so-called code can be seen as one idea that is communicated from one entity to another. In this technologically dependent world, It seems every little item/gadget relies on a form of digital communication. Knowing this, I firmly believe that everyone individual should have basic code skills before they leave high school. Not understanding how to read code today is like not knowing how to read the dictionary 100 years ago. Society is now embedded with this language and we all need to know how to communicate it.

This installation communicates these ideas to the world from the point-of-view of a developing artist. I originally found code to be an extremely structured and static thing. As I began to learn how to use computer code as art, I began to see its flexibility in the creative process. Their does seems to be an underlying structure, a set of loosely defined rules and functions, but I can dance around that framework in a infinite number of ways.

The beauty of code can surprise you.

Technology means almost everything to me. I believe it is the only form in which human beings can evolve. Through this tool we are able to provide a better life for everyone. Code allows us to understand the data-driven world around us. I grew up being ridiculed for my love of technology, and I want to leave this world with the term ‘nerd’ being a respected title. I believe that only technology, communication, and education can lead us all to a world were we see each other as one, not individuals with individual titles.