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45 Minute Drawing #03

By: Geeb
On: December 19, 2010

This piece was selected for inclusion for the Alumni Spectacular in the University Galleries at Illinois State University.  Its concept was contrived by myself and my good friend Phillipe Moore.  James Brennan also contributes as a participating drawer.

Our statement of the piece is as follows…

38 Minute Drawing #03 is the record of one installment in a series of performance-based, collaborative charcoal drawings.  This piece is projected at life-size onto flat, white drywall to recreate the environment from which it was realized.  The projection is that of a custom-coded media player where the original video is displayed at additional speeds along with a composite of the three.  Viewers can then see the drawing at different stages of completion while simultaneously comparing the four displays.  Because this drawing is part of a series and they are all drawn on the same exact surface, they are constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed, the originals left as ephemeral works.  The process and performative aspects have a few simple rules: performers take turns at 1-minute intervals; each get the same number of turns and the drawing is not complete until all participants are in agreement.  This piece therefore exists in multiple formats, through the process and performance of creation, the collaborative concept built upon a system, through the coded display custom built for this series,   and as the finished drawing.

To see the piece in its entirety, download the .zip file and install MAX/MSP Runtime for Windows or Mac.

The video below is 1/4 of the final composition, but tends to be the most watched video speed.

38 Minute Drawing #03 (x9) from Chris Smith on Vimeo.