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942 Concert Photos

By: Geeb
On: May 17, 2011

Piece included in collaborative art show, Identity Reconnected.  942 Concert Photos is a fast paced, flip book styled video. At Firehouse Pizza and Pub in Normal, IL, I attended a concert (with KFP and Amrita performing) and I ended up taking almost 1,000 photos in a single night. Since I took so many at such a high frequency, stitching them together at a high frame rate would produce moments of animation or continual movement. I took the photos with intentional blur and figure tracking. This aided in my efforts to produce motion.

942ConcertPhotos 200x173 942 Concert Photos

You can also view the photos individually on my Facebook Photo Album.

This piece was an video created for the exhibition, Identity Reconnected.  Original concept by me, show created in collaboration with Philippe Moore.  Funded by a grant awarded by the Friends of the Arts at Illinois State University.  Space provided by Come Together Studios / Love Way / Matt Erickson.  Thanks to all who supported us…  Brian Franklin, John Walker, Rick Valentin, Rose Marshack, friends and family.