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The Black Keys Live at Coachella

By: Geeb
On: April 19, 2011

In the last 10 years, I can’t say I’ve truly been obsessed with any single band. The only exception is easily the Black Keys.  Personally, I enjoy their older, grittier albums (especially the Junior Kimbrough tribute), but their latest release, Brothers, is still a high quality purchase.  I saw them for a new years show at the Riv in Chicago that pretty much blew my mind.  Something about  two man band with that much sound…  they have a very impressive live aura.

My buddy Rylan posted this video on my Facebook wall.  Not a typical Black Keys venue (they seem to thrive at smaller ones), but still a great watch.




And as a bonus, this video is one of my all time faves of the Black Keys playing Thickfreakness…