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Geeb Turns 25

By: Geeb
On: June 14, 2012

Hey All!  Geeb here, to give you a status update.  It has been at least a couple weeks since I’ve touched my site.  My inactivity on geebart.com is the direct result of being busy and the fact that Diablo3 (D3) flat out rocks my world.  Sadly, I am going to talk about this a bit, D3 that is, so strap on your nerd helmet and enjoy.

d3 wallpaper crop1 Geeb Turns 25

Diablo 3 and the RMAH

Currently, I have one character, a level 52 Barbarian.  Needless to say, he is my money scrounging tank.   While the gameplay is fun, D3 is constantly undergoing changes with a steady stream of updates/patches.  The good news is, the game is constantly being refined.

Recently the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) was released.  Yup, thats right, you can buy and sell digital items with real home grown American Dollars!  Of course, to extract your hard-earned coinage, you must pay a one dollar fee Blizzard transaction fee, plus a cut to PayPal at 15%.  And, yes, you must use PayPal to get $$$ out of the game.  Don’t be confused here, there is another, standard version of the auction house that uses in game currency.  Unfortunately, I haven’t used the RMAH yet.  Users who purchased the game digitally (not on the store shelf), have to wait 3 days before they are allowed to participate in auctions in the RMAH.  I’m not sure why, but it’s only 3 days.

In the mean time I have been scrumming up all types of items and gold in the regular auction house.  I have a stash filled with rares sitting on deck for entry in the RMAH.  I am hoping that I can dominate easy buys in the regular auction house and then sell those items in the RMAH.  I’ll keep you posted on how that works out for me.

So, what’s the big deal with the RMAH?  Well, almost any MOMRPG has had the same problem…  no matter how you try to combat it, users will create black markets in order to sell digital items, currencies, and even characters/accounts.  Diablo 3 marks the first time in gaming history where the game developers have built a real money auction house to buy and sell digital goods.  It seems like a radical experiment, but the truth is, it was inevitable.   Any tech snob will tell you that if you can’t beat a hacker, join them.  In other words, embrace demand, don’t try to fight it.   This is especially true with internet communities.  We almost always get what we want :) .

I think it is a bold move for Blizzard, and I think all gamer should be extremely excited about the RMAH.  It marks a new zeitgeist in the gaming world.

Birthday Status

25th birthday kiss1 100x100 Geeb Turns 25 So… on June 19th, I will be a 25 year old white male.  As I have told my mom, I am now  a quarter of the way dead (assuming I will live longer than everyone else in my family).  It is kinda strange to think about.  I’ve also held my first job out of school for almost a year now, only a few months to go.  Im still living at home, *sigh*, but I’d like to try and move out by the end of the summer.  Student loans are the dredge on my soul at the moment.  I’m not sure if its the fact that I have so much longer to go till their gone, or if its the fact that I can’t remember where all of that money was spent.  Either way, it is extremely depressing.  6 years of college can destroy a wallet.


The good news is, I am continuing to improve my web skills.  At work, I’ve started to do a lot of work on JSON feeds.  This is basically a data feed that can be captured with javaScript and then reproduced on a basic HTML page with corresponding styles.  Sounds complicated but, as an example, it allows me to make cool experiences like this, Father’s Day Bundles on Craftsman.

Business Begins

Back in april I mentioned that I would begin working on making WordPress plugins and themes in attempt to try to make some $$$.  With business and the release of D3, it is safe to say, I haven’t had much time to explore this venture.  I am still determined to accomplish this goal, it will just take slightly longer to get started.  Besides, leveling my D3 character is important, right?  Hah!

In all seriousness…  a break from geebart was good for me.  Freelance has been streaming in, and it has allowed me to keep my mind on other things (like D3).  After my birthday weekend is over, I would like to get started on some serious development.  From website ideas, to geebart.com, to side jobs, I always have something to work on.  When I move closer to work, I will reclaim at least 1.5 hours a day that I waste on my commute.  That’s a total of 10.5 hours a week!  I cannot wait.

Anyways, if I am ever frazzled, buy me a beer or something…  I’ll owe you one ;)

Thanks for stopping by,