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By: Geeb
On: February 2, 2011

Here it is…  My very first freelanced website.  Feels great.


I worked closely with my Uncle, Shawn Smith, owner and creator of ShawnimalsNinjatown.com”, to build a newly renovated ninjatown.com with WordPress CMS.  With WordPress he can turn all of his content into category feeds that allow his staff to easily edit and add to the site.  Everything is streamlined, simple, and micro-manageable.  This should make the task of running a full featured website super easy.

Thanks Unc. for the opportunity, I enjoyed working with you and learned some things in the process.  Consider this a shameless plug for you and your artistic vision.  Weeeee!

One last comment, tell the Cookie Ninja that my jar is empty and I’m not happy about it…  :P

ninjatownSS03 ninjatown.com

ninjatownSS01 ninjatown.com ninjatownSS02 ninjatown.com